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     Lion Dance: A highly intense program set forth to develope muscular, mental and spiritual strength. The foundation is based on Chinese Kung Fu and its powerful stances. Students begin learning the 10 basic horse stances along with an introduction to the music of lion dance. Mastery of cymbaling and stances earns each student the opportunity to move forward and study the advance arts of lion dancing.

Lion dancers begin their long journey by learning basic movements of the lion and how to incorporate the intricacies of the horse stances. As each student progresses, they will begin to study the theory behind lion dance, its emotions and symbolic meanings.

     Drumming is learnt upon mastery of lion dancing. Without the drumbeat, the lion does not exist, for the drumbeat is the heart and soul of the lion. One will endure a rigorous path to the mastery of drumming. Some may achieve proficiency, but to truly master the fine art, one can take a lifetime.

     Our classes are open to beginners and advanced students alike. Our only condition is that you are not currently part of another lion dance group.

Practice Schedule

Friday - 7:00pm to 10:30pm
Saturday - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

     If you are interested, please stop by our studio at 724 Commercial St, during our practice hours.


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